Outdoor Shower Enclosure FAQs

Can l Get A Roof With My Enclosure?

Absolutely. Our louvered roof design gives you privacy, ventilation, and natural sunlight.

Can I Attach Hooks, Towel Racks Or Soap Dishes To My Enclosure?

Absolutely you can. We recommend using high quality Stainless Steel screws to attach whatever you want to the vinyl materials.

Can I Install This Myself?

You sure can. This is a relatively simple and rewarding project for a DIY homeowner.

How Long Should lt Take To Install The Enclosure?

Depending upon your application and skill level you should allow at least 4 hours for the simplest enclosure.

Do l Need A Drain?

This is up to you. lf the water sheds away easily, and if you don‘t walk through mud when done showering then probably not. If you have any of these issues then you should consider some sort of a plumbing drain or French Drain type of system.

Do l Need A Permit For My Outside Shower?

You should check with your local construction office to be safe.

ls Shipping Available?

Yes. Your order will be shipped via a common carrier that specializes in LTL Shipping.